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ParentPay *updated 16/10*



All parents/carers must sign up to ParentPay for their child/ren. There are still 46% of parents who are yet to sign-up!

On Mon 22nd October (last week of term) we will be going fully live with this system. If you have not signed up then your child/ren may miss out on important educational trips that have not been paid for.

*only applicable if you have not signed up before this date* - it will also mean that if your child has school meals, we will not be aware of it. This is because the list that is produced will now come from information you have provided to us, and not information that we ask your child.

In this instance, Key Stage One (UIFSM) children who normally have a school meal would then receive the vegetarian meal option only.

Key Stage Two - if your child is not entitled to free school meals, the office will call you as soon as they can and ask that you bring in a packed lunch for your child.

If your child has free school meal entitlement, they would also receive the vegetarian option only.

Don't forget that you must now book meals a week in advance, rather than up until midnight the day before. For example: you have until midnight on Sunday (21/10) to choose for the following week (22nd Oct).

If you have not selected meal choices, your child will receive the vegetarian option only.

For your information - jacket potatoes have now been added as an option to the menu.

Also please be advised that yoghurt and fruit are always offered as an alternative to the main pudding - you can now also select this as a menu option.

If your child has an allergy that we are aware of, in some instances your child may be given a different option to the one they have chosen through ParentPay. This will be because their original chosen option contains allergens.

It will no longer be possible to incur a school meal debt for your child (previous debts have been carried forward onto parentpay). If you are not entitled to free school meals and have not paid, your child will not receive a meal. 

Please, please see the office if you have any queries and we can resolve these for you in advance.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We expect to encounter more issues when we go fully live but we will endeavour to iron these out as soon as possible.