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Curriculum Overview

At Barton Hill Academy we are passionate about children's learning. We believe that it should be fun, engaging and inspirational and that it should help children throughout their lives, not just at school.

The curriculum we use throughout the school enables us to spark children's creativity, imagination and curiosity. You will find the curriculum for each term for your child's year group at the foot of this page. Please also see the Curriculum Map download below.

Barton Hill uses a Connected Curriculum framework which is used by several other schools in the city as a base. We are evaluating and adapting this in response to our own local context and feedback from staff and learners. It recognises the value of a school providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching. We make connections to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of our children and their families and communities.

The Foundation subjects of History, Geography, D&T, Art, Music and the Core Subject Science are connected by theme and mapped to The National Curriculum in England Framework Document (NC) requirements at KS1 & KS2; the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Units are aligned to the Development Matters and Early Learning Goals/Early Years Outcomes.

We continue with the teaching of discrete English and Mathematics sessions whilst also looking for opportunities where reading, writing and mathematics skills can be further developed through the learning of each term’s theme. This is also the case for RE, PE, Computing and Modern Foreign Languages.

Each theme is based on or includes key questions – these provide a starting point for enquiry. The response of the learners to the questions and the learners own questions may determine the starting point. Each theme has one or two focus subjects. It is intended that there is more emphasis on these subjects. For example, when history is the focus subject of a topic then this is the time focus on the skills of and deepen the understanding of what it is to be an historian. Focus subjects are given priority when time is allocated. 

In Key Stage 1 & 2 the Curriculum Map is divided into 6 sections. The theme in the third section, which have two subject foci, Science and Design and Technology run for nine weeks and the Arts themes in the fourth section are designed to run for 3 weeks.

Page Downloads Date  
Curriculum Letter Yr4 - Term 6 03rd Jun 2019 Download
Curriculum Letter Yr5 -Term 6 03rd Jun 2019 Download
Curriculum Letter Yr6 - Term 6 24th May 2019 Download
Connected Curriculum Map 03rd Sep 2018 Download
Curriculum Letter Yr3 - Term 1 (Sept 19) 01st Sep 2019 Download
Curriculum Letter Yr2 - Term 1 (Sept 19) 01st Sep 2019 Download
Curriculum Letter YrR - Term 1 (Sept 19) 01st Sep 2019 Download
Curriculum Letter Yr1 - Term 1 (Sept 19... 01st Sep 2019 Download