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Teachers2Parents text messaging service

There have recently been some changes to the way in which you receive text messages from the school.

Your messages used to come through as 'Barton Hill Academy' rather than from a phone number. Some phone companies had started to block these messages because they were treating them as spam texts due to them coming from an anonymous number. This meant that parents and carers were not receiving important messages.

The solution to this meant that messages were then coming through from a different mobile phone number each time. This caused some concern from parents.

However, the school has now allocated a phone number, which all future school text messages should come from. Please save this number as Barton Hill Academy. 

You should now be able to read all texts from us on one page as a conversation again.

All texts should still have 'BHA' at the start of the message and, if the character length of the text message allows, you will also receive a verification link to prove that the text has come from Barton Hill Academy (click on that link to show details).

Please advise the main office if you continue to have any issues and we will look into it.



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