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Ethos & Values

Our vision is to support our children to become active, confident citizens within their communities and beyond. We believe that our children have a right to enjoy their learning and should be inspired by what they learn in our academy.

They should be able to achieve their potential and learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. Our children will learn to use their voice to influence their own lives and have a voice in the wider community. Our children have the right to feel safe and to be respected for who they are. Our children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and to aim for excellence in all they do. We believe our children should be healthy and active in body and mind and that all members of our community should inspire each other.

This vision for our academy will be realised by:

  • Using our Core Learning Skills to develop children’s lifelong learning skills
  • Our values being embedded in everything we do (RESPECT)
  • Making learning exciting and fun for our children
  • Teachers planning at a mastery level
  • Having high expectations of our children
  • Understanding our community, respecting each other and celebrating our differences
  • Challenging ourselves and each other
  • Encouraging pride in who we are and our surroundings
  • Building an active school learning council
  • Giving our children responsibilities across the academy
  • Having high standards of behaviour
  • Believing in each other

Our Values

  • Responsibility - Children need to be responsible for themselves and their own property. We believe in giving our children responsibilities within our school and developing them as ambassadors of the future. They need to speak out when they have made a mistake in order for us to support them in learning from this and moving forward
  • Excellence - We have high expectations of the BHA community. We expect that our children and staff will aim for excellence in all that they do. We believe that our children can achieve highly and that they will move to their secondary education as strong individuals who are ready to develop personally, as well as, academically
  • Success - it is not always possible to make huge strides in our learning, but we believe that everyone can develop successfully, even if this is in small steps. Everyone in our academy can be successful
  • Pride - we take pride in who we are, what we achieve, and our school and community environment. We learn to take care of our academy and play our part in making it a place to be proud of
  • Equality - our school community is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and experiences. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to be successful and to achieve their dreams. We recognise that we need to identify and remove barriers for our children to be successful, whatever these may be
  • Compassion - we encourage all in our school community to treat each other with understanding and consideration. We will show compassion at all times, including to those that are less fortunate than others. We believe that empathy is an important skill for our children to develop in order to work successfully in our community. We encourage children to be kind to each other and to help each other when needed
  • Tenacity - we never want our children to give up. We recognise that learning can be difficult and we encourage our children to keep going however tough it seems. We put systems in place to support our children to deal with problems with resolve and to ask for help when necessary