At Barton Hill Academy we collect and analyse relevant assessment data including specific progress and attainment measures and attendance data to form a complete view of the needs and learning outcomes of individual students and sub-groups. The sole aim is to support the achievement of pupils at Barton Hill Academy.
Senior Leaders systematically collect and review achievement data in order to identify priorities across the school and ensure it drives the schedule of meetings at all levels. Phase Leaders, Subject Leaders and Achievement Teams analyse data regularly through the year to maintain a detailed picture of student’s strengths and areas of need. Class teachers use data to support learning and teaching, and use a range of data measures and assessment strategies to evaluate their pupils’ progress.
Through detailed analysis vulnerable students and sub-groups are identified. Resources are then allocated to ensure all children achieve their full potential.
Assessment information is used to set measurable goals for individual students and sub-groups in core subjects. Senior Leaders, Phase Leaders, Subject Leaders and Achievement Teams will regularly monitor the progress towards achievement of these goals. Specific data will also be used to inform school self-evaluation and improvement planning.