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The Governing Body

The Role of Governor

Within England there are over 300,000 School/Academy Governors who form the largest volunteer force in the country.

The roles of individual Governors, and subsequently members of a Governing Body, work collectively to perform a strategic role and carry out key functions such as:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academy.
  • Set the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Set the required targets for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards it’s set aims and objectives. Finally the role of role of the Academy Governor is to be a source of challenge and support to the Principal, i.e. a 'critical friend.'

As part of Venturers Trust, the Local Governing Body (LGB) operates under a Scheme of Delegation from the Board of Trustees. Two Governors act as representatives of the parent body, the staff are represented by one elected Staff Governor, with co-opted appointments being made by our sponsors based on skills and experience.

For more information about the role of Parent Governor, please click here:-

The Role of a Parent Governor


The Governors are committed to ensuring that children at the Academy achieve their potential and are well-equipped for life after school. We believe that every child can be successful, and as staff work hard to make sure this happens, we expect our students to do the same.

The Governors’ primary role is to support the Principal and staff; to work with the Academy Leadership Team to agree the short and long term strategy for the Academy; to assist in ensuring they have the necessary resources and review the progress of the Academy towards achieving its aim.

The Academy is a member of the Venturers Trust, a multi-academy trust. Ultimate responsibility for the Academy rests with the Board of Trustees of the of the Trust and governance details and scheme of delegation can be found on the Venturers Trust website but much of the work of the Trust Board is delegated to the Local Governing Body (the Governors of the Academy). The details of the Governors at Barton Hill Academy are shown below and their biographical profiles can be viewed here

The Chair of Governors (Fiona Westwood), can be contacted in writing via the Academy office in a sealed envelope marked "Chair of Governors - Private and Confidential"


Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Term End

Appointed as

Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests

Reviewed Sept 2021

Meetings attended 2020/21


Fiona Westwood     

 01/12/21 (2nd term)

(Chair from 31/12/18)

4 Years 30/11/25

Chair of Governors

LINK - Finance, Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

Partner - MHA Monahans

Director/Trustee - Sustrans

Member - ICAE

Interest Ceased 13/09/21 - Husband no longer works for Trust's external auditors

Simon Holmes 28/11/20 4 Years 27/11/24

Co-opted Governor


Headteacher at St Philips Marsh Nursery School (from Sept 2009)

Baggator Easton


Jenna Laney

01/12/21 4 Years 30/11/25

Staff Governor


Nil n/a  
Saada Jumale 01/12/21 4 Years 30/11/25

Elected Parent Local Governor     

LINK -          

Nil n/a  
Alex O'Driscoll 08/10/18 4 Years 07/10/22

Co-opted Governor

LINK - Maths, Rights Respecting, PSHE

Nil 4/5  
Iulia Pickup 27/01/20 4 Years 26/01/24 Co-opted Governor Nil 5/5  
Nicola Clarkson 13/10/20 4 Years 12/10/24

Parent Governor (elected)

LINK - Pupil Premium

Nil 4/4  
Judy Clarke 09/11/20 4 Years 08/11/24

Local Governing Body

LINK - Inclusion

Nil 2/3  
Historic (left within the last 12 months)  
Polly Davis 07/10/19 4 years


Resigned 01/12/21

Co-opted Governor

Director - Bristol Refugee Festival CIC

Trustee - Knowle West Media Centre

Employee - Ad Infinitum as Senior Producer

Hodan Shirwa 17/11/17 4 Years 16/11/21

Parent Governor (elected)

- -  
Anas Abdelsalam 12/12/16 4 Years


Removed 27/05/21 (non attendance)

Parent Governor (elected) - -  
Rachel Hubbarde 10/07/17 4 Years 09/07/21 Term End Staff Governor (elected) - -  


Further information about Venturers Trust Governance can be found on the Venturers Trust website



Title Date