Modern Foreign Languages (MfL)


At Barton Hill Academy, we promote the importance of language acquisition across theMfL widget curriculum. Our Modern Foreign Language curriculum offer (MFL) focusses on the teaching of Spanish – one of the most widespread global languages, with a linked rich and influential culture. Through Modern Foreign Language learning, our goal is to provide a comprehensive and engaging language learning experience that fosters linguistic proficiency, cultural appreciation, and global competence amongst our pupils.

Our curriculum intent for Modern Foreign Language Spanish is driven by the following key objectives from the UK Primary National Curriculum:

1.     Developing Language Skills: We are committed to nurturing pupils' language skills in Spanish, with a focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our curriculum provides ample opportunities for pupils to use and apply the language effectively in various contexts.

2.     Cultural Understanding: We aim to broaden our pupils' horizons by immersing them in the rich and diverse culture of the Spanish-speaking world. We want them to appreciate the customs, traditions, and heritage associated with the language.

3.     Global Awareness: Our MFL curriculum instills a sense of global awareness, enabling pupils to connect with the wider world. We believe that learning a foreign language like Spanish enhances their ability to engage with global issues, cultures, and communities.

4.     Language Acquisition: We understand the importance of language acquisition as a valuable skill for life. Our curriculum provides the foundation for pupils to acquire Spanish and be competent communicators in an additional language.

5.     Progressive Learning: We offer a curriculum that is structured to provide progressively challenging learning experiences. Pupils move from basic language acquisition to more advanced communication, ensuring their growth and development in Spanish.

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