Our primary school music curriculum is thoughtfully designed to inspire a lifelong love forMusic widget music and to provide pupils with a comprehensive and enriching musical education. Our intent is to encourage creativity, musical expression, and an understanding of the rich cultural tapestry of music.

We place a strong emphasis on developing cultural capital by exploring the historical, geographical, and social context related to significant music and musicians. Pupils are exposed to a wide range of musical genres, styles, and traditions, which not only enrich their musical understanding but also facilitate a deep appreciation of the diverse cultural and historical narratives that music carries.

Furthermore, our music curriculum serves as a means to explore and promote diversity. Through music, pupils can discover and celebrate the rich and varied musical heritage of different cultures. They learn how music transcends boundaries and connects people, fostering empathy and respect for different perspectives.

Our approach to music education encompasses not only performance but also critical listening and creative composition.  Additionally and crucially, our music curriculum empowers pupils to express themselves through music and recognise the benefits of music for their own mental health and well-being.

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Music Progression 23rd Oct 2023 Download
Music Curriculum Overview 23rd Oct 2023 Download