Design and Technology (DT)

Our primary school Design Technology curriculum is purposefully designed to nurture theDT widget creative and innovative potential within each student. With a focus on practical learning, we foster the development of valuable skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and practical application.

Our intent is to provide pupils with hands-on experiences, enabling them to explore, design, and craft real-world solutions. These experiences offer a profound understanding of materials, structures, mechanisms, and systems, empowering pupils to become adept makers and designers.

We emphasize the importance of responsible and sustainable design. Our pupils learn to consider the environmental and ethical implications of their creations, instilling a sense of social responsibility and ecological awareness.

Throughout their journey in Design Technology, pupils will tackle various challenges, developing a wide range of knowledge and skills from woodworking and textiles to electrical systems and digital design. They will learn to work collaboratively, effectively communicate their ideas, and adapt to new and evolving problems.

Ultimately, our Design Technology curriculum prepares pupils to be creative, forward-thinking problem solvers who can navigate the world with an understanding of how design and technology shape our lives. Our pupils will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values to excel in an ever-changing and interrelated world.

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DT Progression Document 23rd Oct 2023 Download