Our primary school geography curriculum is thoughtfully designed to create a deepGeography widget appreciation of our world's diverse landscapes and cultures. We aim to promote key locational and place knowledge and ensure that pupils understand the significance of physical and human landmarks. We also maximise opportunities for our pupils to explore the connections between people and places – in the form of disciplinary knowledge and human geography.

We prioritize the development of geographical knowledge, enabling pupils to interpret maps, analyze data, and draw meaningful conclusions about the world around them. Our intent is to empower them to become independent geographers, capable of investigating and understanding complex geographical phenomena.

At the heart of our curriculum is the exploration of local environments, encouraging pupils to learn about their immediate surroundings. By understanding the geographical origins of their peers and community, pupils develop a strong connection to their local area, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

We believe in celebrating the rich diversity of our world. Our curriculum takes pupils on a journey around the globe, exposing them to different cultures, environments, and perspectives. Through this, we aim to broaden their horizons and inspire a curiosity about the wider world.

Subject Documents Date  
Geography Curriculum Booklet 23rd Oct 2023 Download
Geography Progression Document 23rd Oct 2023 Download