Our primary school history curriculum is thoughtfully designed to reflect our school's core priorities and align with the aims of the UK National Curriculum. Our intent is to provide a holistic and enriching educational experience, promoting the growth of knowledge, skills, and values within all of our pupils.History widget

Our history curriculum celebrates the rich ethnic diversity of our school, promoting shared British Values. Through a range of sources, (such as visit experiences, historic texts, photographs, and maps) we explore the stories and contributions of different cultures, nurturing an inclusive and understanding community. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of understanding historical chronology and the impact of significant civilizations and individuals on the world.

History is a means of connecting with others and promoting meaningful dialogue, while also facilitating the acquisition of new language. Therefore, through history learning, we emphasise the importance of communication, interaction, and positive discussion.

In essence, our history curriculum equips pupils with a strong foundation of historical knowledge and enquiry skills, fostering respect, cultural awareness, and a sense of belonging while providing a deep understanding of the chronological development of human civilizations.

Subject Documents Date  
History Curriculum Booklet 23rd Oct 2023 Download
History Progression Document 23rd Oct 2023 Download